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Philadelphia YouthFootball Academy 




After School:

Our After School program featuring football skills and drills, some game simulation and academic enrichment. Coaching and mentoring, and healthy meals with nutrition information take places. Our program is offered weekly after school. During the academic component, it is our goal to grow our youth’ overall academic enrichment skills. 


Summer Camp:

Through sports-based youth development activities; young teens participate build camper leadership skills, explore different and career opportunities. They make a difference in their community, and most importantly, this camp lets them have a fun-filled indoor and outdoor summer experience! Teens also participate and excited they gain camp leadership experience with groups and shadow key camp staff in a variety of programs. Excited teens will gain teamwork skills as they mentor younger youth.




Academic Enrichment: Youth will participate instructional methods, educational services, or school resources provided to youth in the effort to help them accelerate their learning progress.


Sport Management: Youth are mentored by professionals to learn the careers of team managers, athletic directors, sports agents and recruiters, marketing and PR professionals, and more.


Career Exploration: Youth are learning about themselves and the world of work. They and explore potentially satisfying occupations and develop effective strategies to realize their goals. Career exploration will include Financial Literacy, Banking, Sport Management: School, Collegiate and Professional, STEM Careers, Entrepreneurship, Education, Mass Communication and Business Administration.


College Pipeline: Through post-secondary enrichment activities, youth will be prepared for college readiness. PYFA provides critical college success skills such as note taking, study skills, navigating the physical campus as well as learning the bureaucracy of institutions of higher education.


“Breaking Bread”: Conversations/dialogues about issues affecting our youth. Youth we are working with, benefit from our conversations and will also learn some important social skills, racial and cultural inclusion, tolerance through lunch or dinner, at an eatery, at a school or restaurant.


Health and Nutrition: Health, nutrition, and fitness programs help youth to understand the importance of eating right, physical fitness, being active, and practicing good hygiene. Youth are  “Mastering” these basic health principles. Our program places them on the right track to managing their long-term health.


Strength and Conditioning: Youth are participating  in various fitness and physical activities that use exercise specifics to improve performance in athletic competition. This help our youth with injury prevention and proper mechanics within their sports performances.


Sports JournalismA form of journalism that reports on sports topics and events. Youth are mentored on the many aspects of this genre and also complete various stories, pieces and projects while covering Philadelphia Public League Sports.


Humanities/Arts: Linking youth to humanities, musician/performing arts through enrichment activities of social justice, racial disparity initiatives.  This component is committed to the belief that athletes exist throughout the performing arts community and that they are socially conscious, and they will decrease racial inequalities for them and their peers.


Through Project Based Learning (PBL) activities: Our youth are prepared for academic, personal, and career success, and readies them to rise to the challenges of their lives and the world they will inherit. Youth are working on a project over an extended period of time – from a week up to a semester – that engages them in solving a real-world problem or answering a complex question. They are demonstrating their knowledge and skills by developing a public product or presentation for a real audience. 


The Philadelphia Youth Football Academy In Society PBL Activity connects Philadelphia youth to the world of sport with social-justice-driven research, education, and advocacy through Project Based Learning activities and universal community engagement.


Our Sports In Society PBL aims to change the culture of sports from competition to inclusion and to promote a pattern shift that sports are more than just the court, field and scoreboard. Sports has a dominant place in our world, the visibility and stature of athletes, and it extent to which its worldwide audience cuts across gender, race, and socioeconomic lines.  Sports can connect generational and cultural gaps, resolve conflict, and educate people in a way that few other activities can. PYFA SIS PBL Projects follows suite with its’ youth!


Civic Engagement:  

The PYFA Team is a youth leadership development program that will serves as our youth advisory board. Members of the PYFA Team receive trainings in political education, professional development, and community organizing and engagement techniques. The PYFA Team consists four team leaders who supervise and mentor ten youth interns in leading neighborhood and membership engagement activities that include: Developing direct actions and responses to current events in our community Organizing events to raise awareness about issues affecting our community Hosting monthly house meetings with

PYFA members The PYFA Team leads and serves as peer leaders and have establish and maintain organizational culture, represents PYFA at community events and meetings, and coordinate PYFA Team youth in leading our neighborhood and membership engagement efforts.


The PYFA Team component prepares PYFA members who have overcome significant

challenges to become community leaders by turning their passion for community advocacy into a career. By combining intensive leadership trainings and community enhancing group projects, prepares youth to be change agents, while ensuring that they are fully prepared for college or full-time work. The PYFA Team represents the youth perspectives in program development and facilitation, opportunities to organize youth events, and community engagement strategies. Participants also receive extensive training to carry the voice of youth in public policy and planning processes.



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