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Digital Touchdowns

This project will use samples of recorded exercises and other related fitness activities to track data and help our youth optimize their health, wellness and athletic performance. This will also be used to increase their socialization with their peers, coaches and families.  Our "Digital Touchdown" is shareable digital credentials that would demonstrate and verify competencies. The digital badges are meant to display experience and document skills for wider audiences. Kind of humble bragging and scoring in life for our youth. This will give them incentive to become more active and socially active.


Pointing to their cell-phone screens, our youth would be able to show that their digital credentials are verifiable-that they completed various physical fitness and related activities. It would be proof they have been working out, learning and dedicated to their betterment and our project. Socially, it would bridge the gap amongst our introverted youth and get them to become more social. It would give our youth more incentive to work out more, and positively compete with their peers. It would be affordable for our youth, because ninety five percent of them, are from low-income families.


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